A New Pak Policy Towards the US
National Development and Security, Vol. 5, No. 4 (May 1997), pp 93-104
By being US-centric in external of its history, Pakistan has ignored other vital areas of its foreign policy. Most of its regimes have treated Pak-US relations in isolation from the rest of the goals of foreign policy. The result is that today it stand increasingly isolated in its own region. The post-Cold War world is drastically different from the past and in accordance with its peculiar requirements, Pakistan can neither afford to abandon America nor can it ignore what its own region requires of it. And thus arises the need for a new Pak policy towards America, in which relations between the two countries are treated just one out of the many pillars of an overall foreign policy agenda. Pakistan's present regional predicament is most visible in the case 'of Afghanistan, where its policy clashes with those of almost all other principal players of the region, including China, India, Iran, Russia, and Central Asia. Full Text