The Role of the Military in the Polity and Economy under Globalization: A Comparative Study of Turkey and Pakistan
4th Mediterranean Social and Political Research Meeting, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
March 19-23, 2003
The purpose of the study is to analyse the evolution of the military’s role in the polity and economy of Turkey and Pakistan, and compare how each of the two militaries fares in performing this role in the wake of globalisation. Each case study focuses on the following three aspects of the role military plays in the polity and economy in the following three sections: (a) the military’s intervention in politics, which traces the roots and causes of military intervention in the two countries, and whether there has been any change in the nature and dynamics of military’s conduct vis-a-vis civilian political forces. It also looks at the processes of militarisation of politics, civilianisation of the military and the consequent politicisation of the military, especially in Pakistan whose military is praetorian by nature; (b) the military’s social role and image, which assesses whether the militaries of the two countries in their respective civilian engagement have played a positive or negative social role, and how they are viewed by the respective populace as a state organisation; and (c) its corporate pursuits, which discusses the contribution of the military’s corporate pursuits to the economy in terms of its impact on the domestic private sector and ability to create viable global business linkages. Full Text