India-Pakistan Conflict over Siachen Glacier and Its Resolution
Pakistan Journal of History and Culture,Vol. 27, No. 2 (July-December 2004), pp 84-114
Over two years have passed since India and Pakistan started a “composite dialogue” to resolve all the outstanding disputes between them, including Kashmir. While Islamabad seems to have shown flexibility towards the settlement of Kashmir, India continues to be rigid on the question. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to expect a mutually beneficial settlement of Kashmir, one that also satisfies political aspirations of the Kashmiri people, any time soon. Given that, it would make sense if the two countries started concentrating on an issue which is resolvable or on which some reasonable agreement has already been reached. And that is the dispute over Siachen Glacier, which is an essential, and not so distant, outgrowth of the Kashmir dispute. Solving the bi-product of Kashmir should be the best catalyst for a viable solution to it. The Siachen conflict is very much within the realm of mutual settlement, which, if achieved, will, in turn, greatly facilitate the Kashmir settlement. Full Text