Towards a Kashmiri Settlement beyond Jihad
Perceptions, Vol. 9, No. 1 (March-May 2004), pp 29-44
The journey to India-Pakistan peace over Kashmir will be difficult, and will require consistent international interest and intervention to keep the parties on the track of peace. Whether the international role is about implementing UN resolutions with the inclusion of the third option of independence, or facilitating an India-Pakistan dialogue over Kashmir with due Kashmiri participation to turn the Line of Control into a permanent border, or any other proposition, is beside the point. The present thaw in ties between the two countries can also be temporary: for another devastating terrorist attack in India or in Indian administered Kashmir by Pakistan-based radical Islamic forces may quickly renew tensions. The only way renewal of an India-Pakistan standoff in the aftermath of such an attack can be avoided is for India to realise that whenever jihadi forces undertake a major terrorist operation in India or Kashmir under its administration, their aim is not only to destabilize India but also to let Pakistan’s current military and political leadership fail on its anti-extremist agenda.Full Text

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