Turkey and Pakistan: Bridging the Growing Divergence
Vol. 5, No. 3 (September-November 2000), pp 154-169
For over half century, Turkey and Pakistan remained close friends. Their multi-dimensional relationship showed the same spirit of brotherhood as prevailed during centuries-old ties between Indian Muslims and the Ottoman Empire/Republic of Turkey until 1947. Ideologically, they were poles apart - Turkey pursuing secularism while Pakistan was following Islamism. But the difference of ideology, with its reflection on respective external outlook, never hampered the course of friendly ties. Not anymore. In the last few years, the perceptions and interests of Turkey and Pakistan have started to diverge on a number of important issues. Afghanistan, Kashmir, Israel, nuclear proliferation and, most recently, democracy are five areas where the perceptions and interests of Turkey and Pakistan diverge. While in the case of Israel and nuclear proliferation, the two countries seem to understand each other's compulsions, it is on Afghanistan, Kashmir and democracy that the growing divergence has started to push them towards opposite directions.Full Text

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