Khushwant Singh’s pearls of wisdom
Oxford, 29 March 2014
Khushwant Singh died last week, after living an exciting life for almost a century. I consider myself lucky to have met the legendary Indian writer a couple of times back in the 90s, first at his longtime friend late Manzoor Qadir’s residence in Islamabad and then at his Sujan Singh Park flat in Delhi. Here I wish to share some personal memories of him. Khushwant had come to Islamabad to attend a seminar on Kashmir in April 95. I published an interview with him in a Pakistani paper, with the same title as above. Altaf Gauhar, my former boss at another paper, got enraged after reading it, even though nowhere did I quote Khushwant as saying anything derogatory about him. Perhaps Mr Gauhar had some personal grudges against Khushwant dating back to Ayub Khan’s regime, during which he served as Information Secretary and Manzoor Qadir as Foreign Minister! Mr Gauhar responded by writing a series of two newspaper articles, launching a
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