Politics and Pipedreams
Oxford, 11 July 2014
There is just one major contradiction in the three forces that have aligned themselves for the single goal of destabilising the present government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif: IK, TUQ and the Chaudhries are all known people of the status quo – and now each one of them claims to be no less than a revolutionary of the ilk of Che Guevara. We just need to explore a bit, and the picture becomes clear: IK’s party has failed to deliver in KPK. So it’s time for a grand distraction: just resume the mantra of election rigging, give the August 14th deadline to quit PTI’s share of the mandate, run from a provincial rule proving increasingly embarrassing – even if all this amounts to troubling a nation at war with the Taliban. TUQ’s case is a bit different. He has no electoral standing in the country. He draws power from the mass of wealth he has minted in overseas Pakistan through religious sermonising - by tactfully exploiting a huge
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